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1.       A: Open Start.

2.       Search for System Information and click the top result to open the app.

3.       Click on System Summary.


4.       Confirm the model number of your device under the \\\"System Model\\\" field. Source: Windows Central.

Outline for CMS SW SATAIII Drives
Based spec interface SATAIII
Dimension 100*70*7 min
Weight? 62~72 g
Capacity 64G~1Tb
SDram 256MB/512MB/1GB
Flash type MLC NAND Flash
Read/Write Performance Sequential Read UP to 550MB/S
Sequential Write UP to 450MB/S
4KB Random Read IOPS 70000
4KB Random Writr IOPS 31000
Response Time 0.2ms
Power Consoumption Power Supply 5V±5%
Standby 0.3W
Maximum Ripple 70 mY(peak to peak)
4KB Random Write 2.5W
Realiabilty write endurance :8 years @ 100G write/day(32G)
Read endurance:unlimited
MTBF:>2,000,000 hours
Data retention : >20years @ 25?C
Data destroy do not support
Sudden power-off recovery support
S.M.A.R.T,NCO,Trim and dynamic power management support
static and dynamic wear-leveling
Bad block management algorithm
EEC: Support BCH ECC 12/14/40 bits in 1024 bytes
Environment %nee teaspoon: .55-95Y
Storage temperature\\\" -55~95?C
Hurnidity :5%~95%
Vibration 15G (10 to 2000Hz)
Shock 350 at 0.5ms

The memory may be defective or is not properly installed.  Can you try a couple of simple troubleshooting methods? First, could you please update your BIOS to the most recent version download the BIOS update from the manufacturer\\\'s support website by searching your model number and BIOS update. With a soft cloth and a dab of rubbing alcohol clean the gold pins located at the bottom of the memory module to remove any debris. Oxidation of the gold pins may occur during transit which causes a false error when installing. Then install and boot your system with 1 module at a time. This is to allow the system to fully register each module and let us know if one is defective and causing your error. Try this out with both modules and see if it boots. If you are still having issues, please contact us.

The RAM module is defective or if you have installed multiple one of the RAM modules may be defective. Please install one at a time to see if the memory is defective. Please contact us for replacement if needed.

The answer is no, if the memory is defective your system will not boot and will restart normally again after installing original working ram. If your system becomes damaged it is due to another internal issue.

This is due to the breakdown of bytes and how windows will read it. Example below 1 TB = 1,024 x 1,024 x 1,024 x 1,024 bytes = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. That\\\'s a difference of 99,511,627,776 bytes, or roughly 10 percent.  1,000,000,000,000 / (1,024 x 1,024 x 1,024 x 1024) = 0.91TB Even though windows read it as 0.91TB it is actually 1TB.

This is simply due to supply and demand. As the market fluctuates the memory ram’s cost will as well.

Yes, old memory is removed and replaced with the new memory. There are systems that may need the bios updated before installing a higher capacity.

Your package has either been delivered to the wrong address or it is still with the carrier. When this occurs, please open a find missing mail claim at or you can contact us to file one for you.

The package may be delayed due to pandemics, storms or high holiday traffic. When this occurs, please open a find missing mail claim at or you can contact us to file one for you.