RAM Upgrade Options for the Acer Nitro 5

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What is RAM? How Do I Pick the Right RAM for My Device? 

RAM is the computer’s short-term memory, where all the computer’s ongoing activities and applications are stored. It’s impossible to run any software or play games if your computer doesn’t have enough RAM. Memory (RAM) is the rapid and temporary storage capacity that a computer requires to run software. 

It required several factors while purchasing a new RAM module. Anyone considering a hardware upgrade first determines whether their system supports RAM expansion. If you’ve just purchased a computer/ laptop, then you may find a spare RAM slot by yourself. 

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What Is the Procedure for Installing New RAM on an Acer Nitro 5? 

If you are working in a static-free environment, make sure to have necessary equipment on hand. Making a backup of your PC is always a good idea before performing any upgrade. If something goes wrong, you’ll be grateful for the extra time to complete the upgrade. Another option you might want to consider is a computer toolkit that includes everything you’ll need for updates.

Make sure you’re not working in a static-filled environment. Also, you can safely assume that your Nitro 5 has been completely shut off before you proceed. If you don’t know how to upgrade and install RAM in your Acer Nitro 5, check out the following steps: 

  • Open the access panel: 

The Acer Nitro 5 vented access panel is available on the device’s bottom. To complete the trick task quickly, a Phillips-head screwdriver is useful. Use a finger or a pry tool to lift the panel out of the way. You should see a free slot and a single stick of RAM above it. 

  • RAM stick location: 

Place the new RAM sticks into the laptops’ RAM slots to fit snugly into their respective slots. It can be installed in this way due to the SODIMM design’s limitations. 

  • Insert the RAM as follows: 

It’s time to put the RAM in place by pressing down on the stick of RAM. The metal holders on either side should keep the stick in place when it is placed correctly. At a 45-degree angle, insert the stick of RAM until the pins vanish (or nearly disappear). 

  • Reinstall the access panel: 

While reinstalling the access panel, pay attention to where its teeth are placed. After a few tries, you can set the seat. Install the screw with the help of a Phillips-head screwdriver. 

Install Acer Nitro 5 RAM 

It’s now safe to turn your Nitro 5 on and check your inserted RAM through two step: 

● Right-click on the Start button. 

● Click on the System option. 

Hopefully, you’ll now be able to view the total installed RAM in the Device specs area. The upgrade was a success if it matched the total quantity of software installed. 


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